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teacake44 | 17:07 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | Home & Garden
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Sticking on spinning, keeps repeating fill, spin, empty. Anyone had same?


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Clean the filter - cures almost everything. If the filter's blocked it won't empty properly which stops the programme moving on. Give it a try - it's free.
yes some problem with the drum mechanism. On some washing machines you can replace the part but on my Hotpoint it was not possible, had to buy a full drum replacement at £180 plus vat. So just bought another machine instead.
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Thanks bhg, have done that, all good in that area. APG thanks my thinking too, just not made to last.
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This might help some that don't know. As you can see I asked the above question yesterday. It seems that getting information on problems with washing machines is a very much closed shop, to the advantage of the manufactures and repair.

After a lot of scratching my head, trial and error, problem solved. With these all singing and dancing electronics on machines now you can be hit with a big bill when problems rear there ugly head.

Anyhow it appears the timer was way out for some reason or another and kept on repeating the fill and spin.

To correct, unplug from mains, leave a few mins, plug back in, Using the power button on washer, turn off and on 3 or 4 times. then run washer as normal. Bingo, (hope this helps some.) Bit like computer eh, turn off turn on. :0)
Thanks for that, teacake. It sounds like a useful tip. On reflection it's what we always tell people to do when they have a computer problem; in other words you're suggesting that people reboot the computer which controls their washing machine.
Dont mention hotpoint to me..
Saturday morning the wife says "what are you going to do with your day off".. "undecided says I.. fancy me having a day to myself".
Two minutes later she says the washing machine is not spinning. That was my chance to get involved in something I wasn't expecting.
I drained the drum and tried to spin again ... nothing !
Then I removed the wet washing, spun the drum by hand and then tried to spin again. This time it did spin.
It wasn't spinning with a load, so my guess was the motor brushes. Ten minutes to remove the motor and sure enough the brushes that should be 40mm long were about 3mm long. Blasted the carbon out with compressed air and polished the armature with wet and dry. Hopefully may get new brushes by Tuesday and it should be good to go again.
Priced up a new motor and they wanted £150 .. a new machine can be had for £200. New brushes £12.00
Has anyone noticed how the price of used parts has collapsed. What I normally do is find out what the fault is. If it's electronic I then break the machine up and sell all the other parts on eBay. It is cheaper to buy a new machine than get involved with circuit boards and modules.
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I don't know the full details but it seems that there is something going on with the powers that be, forcing manufactures to make machines last longer, and more repairable to the D.I.Y fixer. This in its self is proof of people getting ripped of. I came across the info while trying to find a fix for mine.

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