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ukanonymous | 21:34 Wed 11th Nov 2020 | Home & Garden
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He peeps :) we asked a question about a door frame recently and we got lots of great answers. We are clos to finish but not yet we are going to reply to that specific question with a photo and how we did it. I guess its interesting as you gave advice which we soooo needed hehe :)

Ok so to this next dilemma... my other half teaches in very South of France and earnes 1k euros for 2 days work a week but that could be doubled if the time was double that I.e. Full time... now this is our dilemma.... I personally have no money problems but I refuse to let any chances take advantage of a lady and especially one that doesn't perfectly speak their language. ... so we are doing our bathroom which means taking the tiles off and installing a new bath, sink and shower. The bathroom is directly above a boiler room so the pipes can just be directly drilled below. So to come and take the tiles Nd old equipment out and reroute the pipes it will cost 4.5k euros. If we take the tiles off then it will cost 2.5k euros. 2.5k euros for changing the route of a sink, bath and a shower? Does that sound right? My other half says he can do most of the work and then when its empty get them back for a quote. 2.5k for 2 days work when my oh earns 1k for 8 days is completely obsurd.

Or are we just naive and stupid? Problem is we are alone here and the neighbors always say everything is a fair price like a gardener here can earn more than a doctor. It makes no sense and because we are English and qe have a tesla in the drive way (company branded car) people just think they can charge what ever.


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This might give you some reference points:

This post, from 2012, relating to France says "a qualified plumber is likely to charge upwards of €45 per hour for his/her labour. VAT will of course be chargeable":
Hi UK. If I understand correctly, the 2.5k is just for re-routing pipework?
I assume this does not include fitting the appliances?
One could do a lot of re-routing for 2.5k ;o)

In which case, it does sound like a classic case of them not really wanting the job. It's not uncommon for a tradesman to price this way when he is very busy.
The thinking is that if you do go for it, it'll be a real "earner."

I would suggest that you and your husband take as long as you like, and do the maximum amount of the work that you can.
From previous conversations with you, I'd say you were both quite capable of it.
Given a few simple skills, work of this type is mostly just attitude and common sense. It'll just take you a lot longer, that's all.

If you install the bathroom appliances, then you can always call on a plumber and electrician to finally connect you up. At least you'll be in control.
//One could do a lot of re-routing for 2.5k ;o)//

Probably re routing , via Capetown :-) ?

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Thanks. Actually its not uncommon these prices. We were quoted 1000 euros to paint a medium size room. It really makes me feel sick. I dont know how much the locals pay but it feels like they charge us more which is in itself racist to me. We were once quoted 2.5k euros to stick 1 tile on the roof that had fallen down. The cheapest we could get that doe was 300 euros and we only did it because we both hate heights. Its scandalous. In the uk a good plumber can make 1 k a week or a bit more. Here they charge per day to take advantage of people who they see as idiots obviously. I find it very insulting to be honest and normally I am the most laid back chic in the whole world.

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