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nabob | 10:25 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Home & Garden
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I wondered if any of you lovely people could give me an idea if it is worth investing in a robot vacuum. I have a fully carpeted house except for the kitchen. I would like to hear of your experiences, good and bad, so I can make my mind up. Husband is all for getting one.... Thanks


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My son has one, programs it before going to work and hey presto all done when he gets back. He'd recommend it for sure. Puppy gives it it's space though !
Personally, I wouldn't bother...but Which? has a very useful advice guide if you're considering one.
When they move stuff out of the way to clean under and behind, then put it back, that's when I'd start looking at them. Wonder if they are as bad at long pile rugs as I and my Henry is.
My mum loves hers!!
Expensive, I'd love to know what they each scored. Not forgetting, these things take away natural daily exercise that's good for us, as does most technology. Just get moving! ;0)
Just ... *must*
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Thanks for your answers so far. Yes, the Which report, would like to know but not into subscribing.

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Robot Vacuums

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