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Thisoldbird | 09:46 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi I had a replaced sealed unit on my bedroom window during the summer..the unit replaced was the opening pane
It's a smallish window....

Now its turned colder that particular unit is dripping wet from top to bottom each morning..

I will call the chap back but need to why its happening before I speak to him.

Any help appreciated thank you.


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It's maybe just two pieces of glass rather than an actual sealed unit.
I would say the Glass replacement was a faulty manufactured item of double glazing. It can happen and my opinion is it should be replaced free of charge.

Hans. don't say if it's "dripping wet" inside or outside the unit ie is the water between the two sheets of glass?
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Thanks for your replies...the water is on the room was replaced as it was wet between the panes.

It's so noticable as the smaller pane and vent pane have barely any condensation on them.

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