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bobbie22 | 18:11 Mon 14th Oct 2019 | Home & Garden
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Would anyone have an idea of the cost of removing a bath and replacing it with a shower. I would appreciate any answers thanks


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That really depends on what kind of shower and where your plumbing and drainage is. It will cost more if your plumbing/drainage needs moving or changing, more if you want or need something tailor made.....well worth it though!
Three to five thousand depending on equipment and fittings.
Quote (from 5 years ago):
"just had my bathroom finished today and i had bath removed shower enclosure installed, had to be re piped and waste also as shower was moved to a different wall, new sink and toilet and wall cupboard fitted labour charge was £870 for plumber and £500 for tiler"


So that suggest that budget of around £1500 for labour might be needed, with the price of the fittings to be added on to it. (Check out the websites of B&Q and similar traders to see what they might be).

There's quite a lot of work involved, as this page shows:
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I can't really answer, because I have no idea about the piping. I do have a shower over the bath, but the water pressure is so strong that the bathroom floor gets soaked every day
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Buenchico, I will go to B & Q. And see if they can help me. Thanks for your reply
It's the drainage that's the main issue. If the shower is staying in the same place then it's pretty straight forward.
would a glass door along the bath instead of a curtain (assuming you've got a curtain) be simpler? One reason for keeping a bath is the possiblity that you might want to sell the place to a family with young kids some day. Much easier to throw dirty kids into a bath than to drive them into a shower stall with a sharp stick.
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Hi Jon. I already have a glass or which fits on top of the bath (moveable, like door). The problem is that the water gets underneath it and sprays out in front and all over the floor. Maybe I should consider getting a bigger door fitted?
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Jno, apologies. The computer put your name in wrongly
Or some better fitting rubber seal for the bottom.
perhaps a glass panel, fully sealed at top and bottom? It would mean moving to the end of the bath to get out. Just thinking of the expense here. If money's no object and it's what you want, go for it. I should have done so years ago, nobody here baths any more.
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Thanks everyone for your answers. It's a big job to organise. X
i had similar problem with overspray, shower in bath and a glass door
i just put up a shower curtain, like an l shape, cheap and works
I had mine done summer 2018 and it cost me around 2,700 including the skip. I had the tiles removed and stuff called stormguard put in instead. Its sheets of stuff used to clad buildings on the outside but makes very good cladding for bathrooms and no grout. I needed a tailor made job as the bath width overlaps the bathroom window so a cabinet would look odd and a gap would allow water everywhere. The bloke extended the cladding out past the windowsill line and put in a bnarrow panal at right angles to it, then a glass panel. The shower is full bath length so no door, just the glass panel at one end to keep the water in. The only concession I had to make was having a step up (small) as the exisiting drain was higher than bathroom floor level and if I had wanted it lowered, I would have needed to have the floor lifted and the drainage re routed.
Bobbie, there's no way that a shower door over a bath should let water through IF it has been fitted properly.

Also, I agree with jno. Even these days, any future buyer would mark down the value of the house if it doesn't have a bath.

As far as the cost of replacing the bath with a shower, People like B&Q are not really the right people to ask. BUT, they might possibly know of local tradesmen who do this sort of work. You do need someone there to assess everything. It usually only takes a few minutes poking about.
The Builder, I was reading it as Bobbie having an opening door rather than a sealed panel; they're always going to leak a bit under pressure.
Yep, so was I jno. Even opening doors should not leak like that. :o)
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I had a power shower fitted a few years ago. Ages later, I read the brochure, and it said that that particular glass should not have been fitted with a power shower. What a mug. I left it too late to complain, and the plumber is no more!
Having said that ..... it's always good practice to NOT direct a shower jet at the seal. Angling it away is always best.
I wouldn't go to B&Q either.

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