Installing Bath Mixer Taps

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everylittle | 15:09 Thu 29th Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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I need to change the taps on my bath for a mixer tap with shower attachment but the bath is double ended and the taps are in the middle on the wall side. Will it be possible to change the taps without pulling the whole bath out to access the plumbing?? Thanks


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It sounds unlikely, because the pipes are connected to the bottom of the taps and the taps are separately screwed up against the bath material. However someone one must got it installed into that position in the first place, so it must be possible to get a hand under the bath to release the pipes off the taps. If that can be done, then changing the taps should then be possible. A problem may then arise if the new taps are a little longer or shorter than the old, because modifying the pipework would be nigh impossible - unless its plastic (not copper). You're gonna have to investigate to find out.
I've put in a bath like this, and I'd say "no". I had to add extra pipe fittings at the end of the bath so I could fit the pipes to the taps first, then install the bath, then connect to the supply, at the end.
I have this and have been quite crafty.

I have had an access panel made on the other side of the wall - in my case it is behind the radiator in a bedroom.

It is easy to pop the radiator off on the rare occasions it needs to be done.

It's worth a thought.
Ethel..........tut tut! Holes in the bathroom wall!! Hidden behind the radiator too............thats crafty alright. All you need now are some lodgers. lol

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Installing Bath Mixer Taps

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