Liquid Glue?

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racoony | 15:01 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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We have a small leak in the pipe from our bathroom sink.My partner thinks that if we pour down the pipe something like liquid glue it will stop the problem.The alternative is to take up the floor tiles which we want to avoid.Does anyone know of a product like liquid glue and where we can buy it? Many thanks for any advice.


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Waste pipe ? Sounds like a recipe for blocking it.

Check pipe and fittings before it dives under the floor. If sure the leak is under the floor, is it on the upper floor ? If so can you get to it via downstairs room's ceiling ?
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I agree with OG... how can this liquid, if it exists, block this small leek, and not the pipe itself?

Seems like more thought is required.

You will be after sealant and not glue.

You will need to locate the crack / leek.

If problem isn't sorted it may turn into a bigger one.

Unfortunately i think tiles will need to be moved.
I assume pipe is Polyvinyl chloride?
What interests me, racoony, is how you know there's a leak if it's under the floor.
Is it showing downstairs?
Use a multitool to cut a piece of ceiling away to investigate. Done properly the ceiling repair wont be seen.
Depending on how well tiles have been laid its not to difficult to take them up. would not recommend any temporary repair it wont last. you need to find the source of your leak and solve it.
You are saying.. "We have a small leak in the pipe from our bathroom sink"..does that mean you can see water dribbling down the pipe or does it mean you can see a damp patch on the ceiling below the bathroom ?
This info may help determine where the leak is actually coming from.

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