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zebo | 21:10 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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We're looking to have some garden fencing installed and wonder if I could get some idea of costs. It's 9 panels, 5 feet tall, 2 end concrete posts, 8 joining posts, concrete barge boards. It's a straight line and the ground is flat. Does anyone have any idea what would be a reasonable cost for having this job done? We want the vertical boards, not the overlapping horizontal panels.


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The first step is to use the left/right buttons to find the style you're looking for. Then set the height and number of panels. Lastly move on to Step 2 to add in the posts.
Zebo cant give you any advice on cost. I would just get 3 quotes from local companies, referrals from family, friends or neighbours all the better.
You can talk to contractors and they can give advice and see site to see what is needed. Have some pictures from web of style of boards you want.
Remember prices are always negotiable.
If you intend having concrete gravel boards then you will need to have concrete posts throughout.
10 x 8ft posts .. 9 larch lap feather edge panels ..
9 gravel boards .. 9 bags of post crete.
Also waste to disposed of, will a skip be needed ?
If any old posts need removing, that could really bump the price up as it is an unknown factor as to how much time and effort is involved.
So for materials alone approx £750 - 950 .. this is entirely dependent upon the quality of the panels.
Add £260 for a skip.
Could be one days work for one person, possibly one and a half. Around here you wouldn't get change from £2000 for the good quality fence you specify.
Alavahalf I wouldn't even attempt to install a fence like that without a labourer. Someones got to hold the post or spirit level and mix the crete and fill skip. So you looking at 1 and half men.
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Thanks, we've had a few quotes which range for £950-£1500, because of the spread I thought I'd ask ABers.
Zebo, you mention 9 panels, then, vertical boards. They're quite different things.

I couldn't agree more with Homer about panels. Good ones will last, but there are some diabolical cheap ones around. I find these days that a lot of people go for vertical "feather-edged" boards "nail-gunned" to 4 x 1 1/2" rails.

Whatever you go for, follow the golden rule in accepting quotes:
discard the cheapest; also the dearest; then go for the next one down.

Tony: Homer IS equivalent to one-and-a-half men. Trust me ;o)

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