Thatched Houses - Pros And Cons

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Barmaid | 10:05 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | Home & Garden
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Do any of you live in a thatched house or have you ever done so?

We are looking to rent as an interim measure and have found a lovely thatched farmhouse.

What problems are there with thatch? Bear in mind that the upkeep etc is the landlord's responsibility so I am talking more about the practicalities of it.

I understand the downsides to be:-

No guttering so you can get mud spashes round the property
Potentially higher insurance
Mice and spiders

Anything else?


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Fire. My friends who live in a thatched houses dread firework night.
With the weather we have been experiencing lately I don't think I would even consider a thatched property.
Question Author
I did think that Naomi. There are no real fires in this place (I suspect the fire risk with the thatch may be why the inglenooks all have modern heating things in them). And it is in the back end of beyond so I dont suppose fireworks will be a major issue.
Question Author
Which particularly element of the snow/rain/wind/ice might be the problem Danny?
Snow/wind/rain due to the hurricane like weather we have had off late.
So romantic with an open fire gingham curtains. BUT not for me if there is even a hint of a mouse :-(
A relative has a thatched roof that comes down very low to the ground, they’ve had a couple of arson attempts by local ne’er do wells.
Thatch can withstand the elements.
Chinese Lanterns!
ummmm, so can a normal tiled roof but in extreme weather roofs do get damaged.
I had one in high..had to have it combed every few years...beasties liked it...but it was pretty
Question Author
Hmmm, chinese lanterns could be an issue. But this place is quite remote.

Mice are no problem - I have a very good mouser.

The spiders I shall have to learn to cope with.

I have heard that thatch is more reliable when extreme weather presents itself. Unlike the house I am currently living in when I got up one morning after some torrential rain and found that the kitchen had been turned into an indoor pool.
It's surprising how many reports there are in our local papers about fires in thatch.
Yes, Danny, but that just means you're talking about roofs in general.
High insurance cost due to the fire risk is the main problem. Plus thatch needs repair & regular maintenance ,which only a qualified thatcher can undertake . Thatchers are scarce and in high demand so they will charge as much as they can get away with.
A thatched roof is a great insulator, warm in winter and cool in the summer. Prone of course to fire, and all thatched roofs need a lightning conductor to prevent lightning strikes causing fire. High insurance premiums. It has been mentioned that they can become infested with mice, and birds will nest or strip them to build nests. I believe that in some parts of the country moth infestation can also be an issue. The apex of the roof is very vulnerable to water ingress and needs to be well maintained. Nothing looks as good as a well laid and maintained thatched roof.
We had a stork nest..not allowed to get rid...caused a bit of damage
That is a South African site Danny.
Question Author
Hmmm, thanks all. I am having second thoughts. This place ticks ALL the boxes in every respect and then some, apart from the thatch.

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Thatched Houses - Pros And Cons

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