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mccfluff | 09:13 Thu 19th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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LSS - friend has has their house insurance cancelled by the insurance company as they found out, they aren't currently living in the property.

Getting other quotes they have found out, that as soon as they tick yes in the "have you had insurance cancelled" box that the premium doubles.
I have advised them to talk to the insurers rather than get online quotes and to look at getting advice from an IFA

Is there something else they should be doing?


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Go in person to a broker.
Question Author
that's what i've told them to do... but thanks
It's the only thing they can do. Insurers view the failure to notify them of any changes in circumstances a serious breach and premium hikes are to be expected.
If they weren't living at the property when they took the policy out, or renewed it, they could be charged with fraud.
This can be extraordinarily difficult. One common situation occurs when an elderly person has to go from living alone to living in a care home. The former home has to be insured while it is empty, but even the most understanding insurers will probably not offer insurance on empty properties for more than a year. It can take well over a year to sort out some people's affairs, leaving the family with a huge headache. I'd love to know if anyone has solved this.
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they're going to see a broker and get some advice. Poor *** they genuinely didn't know.
Virtually all insurance policies stipulate that the property mustn't be unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time - they must surely have been aware of that?

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