What's The Name Of The Plug I Want In My Bathroom Sink ?

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CW1 | 19:24 Wed 18th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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Replacing my basin with a smaller one & I don't want the same plug, where you have to press on the plug to open & close it. I want one where there's a push / pull type thing at the back of the tap, but what's it called ? I'm thinking I'll need to replace the tap to get one (do I ?), having trouble finding one tho ! :(


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..........pop up waste
.........and you will need to change the tap.Why not have a flip over waste.
your husband? (Or a new better fitting one)....
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That's it, tonyav, but how is it fitted ? I'm buying the basin & waste (& new tap if needed ??) so what else would I have to consider ?

Not come across a flip over waste before Ryzen, just looked though. I want to avoid having to put my hand in a sink full of water to let it drain, not sure that does that ?
This might help

What's wrong with an ordinary round black plug on a chain which attaches to the back of the basin?
Aesthetically everything Diddlydoo.
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Thanks SlackAlice, 1:39 was exactly what I needed to know :)
Just checked my tap & there *is* a hole so I don't need a new tap after all ! :D

EcclesCake, spot on. It'd have to hang somewhere when not in use, & they do go slimey too, euch.

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What's The Name Of The Plug I Want In My Bathroom Sink ?

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