How Much Is Your Buildings Insurance?

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Scarlett | 00:41 Mon 17th Jul 2017 | Home & Garden
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I have a maisonette (2 bed) and the lady upstairs has 2 floors above me, so between is we share a leasehold, but each have our own freehold. We are effectively each others' landlords! I currently pay £34 for my half of the buildings insurance each month. Does this seem about right? It's a grade II listed terraced 1870 building. She has 2 floors ( 4 beds) and I have 2 floors (2 bed). The insurance has gone up a lot and I just wondered what sort of amount everyone else is paying for their houses? Does mine sound about right?


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I pay £18.65/month for buildings and contents for a three bed semi with Direct Line.
Its not going to be easy to compare your building and circumstances with others on here, but its certainly worth getting a few quotes next time you renew. If nothing else, you will be benefit from new customer offers by switching insureres, I do it most years.

For what its worth, I paid £120 for the year's building and contents combined insurance on a 2 bed bungalow.
You need to get comparative quotes via your local Insurance Broker. The fact that the building is listed probably causes a higher premium due to the higher cost of restoration compared to a more modern property.
Contact the insurance company, their operators can give a 10% discount.

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How Much Is Your Buildings Insurance?

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