Javascript Alert ... Dodgy Or .. ?.?

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looobylooo | 04:35 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Home & Garden
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Hello, can anyone help with this please? Thank you.

Tonight I had a JavaScript Alert box suddenly arrive on my laptop screen and I'm not sure if I should be clicking 'ok' on it or not....?

It continually keeps popping up, every time I try and do something on the laptop the little grey box jumps in first not allowing me to go ahead without clicking the 'x' first to get rid of it for 2 seconds before it appears again.. and its really annoying!

I've just started a full computer scan, just in case it's something dodgy. If it is, will the scan get rid of it?

My browser is AOL. Here is what is in the box -

JavaScript Alert adsWrapper/intl.js m = 100012173 w = 728 h = 90

Thanks in advance for any help x


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Oooops! sorry, this should be in 'Technology'! .. i'll try and repost in there x

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Javascript Alert ... Dodgy Or .. ?.?

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