Cctv Spider Deterrent?

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Matheous-2 | 21:57 Sat 15th Aug 2015 | Home & Garden
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Any ABrs know of anything that repels spiders ?
We have a problem with night time IR vision CCTV becoming obscured with webs.
I have read about dryer-sheets- switching IR off (pointless) and removing camera 'peaks'......Any other options would be most gratefully received !!


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Spider Stop spray from Betterware, though I think you can get it also on EBay.
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Thanks Sammy, - Found similar on Amazon.....
We use this in our conservatory User Recommendation

It's amazing stuff and kills flies, spiders etc. It works almost instantly.
Every morning we have a handful to vacum up. We apply it once in spring when flies start being a problem and at this stage we haven't re-applied it this year. Not sure if it would need to be re-applied if it were used outside though.
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Gingejbee, in the past I have found many of Aldi products, particularly paints, to be rather not up to the mark. So I might be inclined to favour Amazon.
Thanks though for your input.

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Cctv Spider Deterrent?

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