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Photinia (Red Robin)

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starone | 09:51 Mon 20th Apr 2015 | Home & Garden
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I have a Photinia (Red Robin) in the middle of the lawn. It is shedding all of its red leaves and some of the green ones look curled. Is this right for this time of year? If not, what can I do about it please? It was pruned about a month ago - perhaps it was the wrong time of year. I would be glad if someone could advise me as it is (was) a nice, small tree and I do not want to lose it if possible. Many thanks for any help.


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I'm no gardener starone but ours is doing exactly the same (and always does at this time of year). I await an informed answer as well.
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Looks as if it might be normal then Captain. I hope so.
Hi, Star.....if I had a better memory I could help you more...or an alive husband...

Our large photinia did the same one year.....we thought we'd lost it it was getting so bare.
MrG investigated and found it was deficient in.......and here I'm floundering.....but it was iron or nitrogen.

So search for photinia deficiency in both of those and it might help.....x
The new red growth is tender and will get damaged by the frost.It will survive as new growth will appear soon.
Photinia is not a shrub that needs a lot of pruning but you can give it a trim in late spring or early summer to keep it within bounds.
bear in mind that it can suffer from frost damage, if we have a surprise frost like the one this morning.
From what you discribe, it sounds like some frost damage has occurred but hopefully it should, in time recover.
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Thanks everyone (breathes sigh of relief). I wouldn't like to lose it as it enables me to look out of my front window without most people being able to look in (I know - I am nosy - I admit it).
Photinia Red Robin....the new net curtain!.....☺

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Photinia (Red Robin)

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