Photinia? Pruning To Improve Shape And Appearance.

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Cmitchell | 23:38 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi Guys - I might be wrong but I assumed this is a Photinia 'Red Robin' Tree/Bush. Anyhow I am a complete novice when it comes to gardening.
How do I prune this to improve it's appearance, make it look less stringy, and improve it's appearance? I#ve not a clue! :s

All suggestions greatly appreciated

Kindest regards



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Check the picture here to see if it confirms your identification. If it does, click on 'Pruning group 1' (under 'How to care') for information about the best way to prune it:
In my humble opinion the best time to prune Photinia (Red Robin) is late spring just after flowering, although it can be pruned to tidy it up at any time during the summer. Don't be too brutal, just aim to get a bushy shape.
Is it in a pot?
I think it could be Photinia cassini 'pink marble.
It should thicken up in time, treat as red robin.

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Photinia? Pruning To Improve Shape And Appearance.

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