Water Meter Under Water

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cecil39 | 20:15 Mon 02nd Dec 2013 | Home & Garden
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when I tried to look at my water meter I found it was under water, its about 18ins deep in the ground, my neighbours meter is the same depth and is dry, I think the pipes must be leaking, but when I rang the water board they say it is normal, what do you folks think?


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It doesn't sound normal to me. I'd get back to the water board, if I had that problem.
I agree with the water board. My stopcock in a similar position is often under water.
Have you had a lot of rain recently?
You could try pouring a bucketful of water onto the pavement, all around the cover, a foot or two away and seeing if any naturally flows towards the hole. That will tell you what is happening when it rains, or when people wash the car.

If you're on flat ground to the extent that your neighbour's meter is roughly on the same elevation, or they are literally only a few feet apart on the same piece of pavement, such that the drainage situation is practically identical, then it could be a leak.

If the little "thingy" is still rotating round when there are no taps on in the house, then it`s a leak. My water board did say that sometimes, meters can be under water and it`s not a leak.
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thanks for your replies, both meters are about 8ft into our gardens and we have had no rain for a couple of weeks, looks like I will have to get on to the water board again.

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Water Meter Under Water

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