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How Many Bricks Can I Get In My Car?

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sara3 | 09:01 Thu 16th May 2013 | Home & Garden
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I've just won an Ebay auction, 480 block pavers! (it's to make the borders in the garden). 160 x 160 x 50mm, 160 x 240 x 50mm, 160 x 120 x 50 mm. approx 7 sqm.

so.. how will I get them home in my little Ford Fiesta? how many can I load in one go? how should I spread the load?

it's local-ish, so I can make a few trips. thank you...


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I would suggest it's based on weight rather than size of load, you need to find your maximum vehicle weight and go from there, good luck!
So like, don't forget your weighing scales!
Not as many as you think. You need to be very careful not to overload and I wouldn't put them all in the boot, put some in the footwells too.
not that long ago, a plasterer was stopped on the M6 with 3T of wet plaster in the back of his van - as he told the police "it's a 3T van so I can carry 3T". The police took a different view - he got a fixed penalty notice, and the police wouldn't let him drive away until he'd unloaded half the plaster.
Question Author
oh crap.

I might have to check out the neighbours' vehicles..
What ford fiesta is it?
The latest ford fiesta has a maximum weight of about 1.5 tonnes and the car itself is 1054 Kg so you plus the load must be less than about 350 KG

I think that pavers are a bit less than 3Kg so depending on you no more than say 100 per trip

Of course that's the latest Fiesta dont know what you have
Sorry not enought coffee yet!

450Kg not 350 so 125 or so
Question Author
it's on a 59 plate, jake.. thanks for checking that out
Question Author
I'm a lightweight, obviously ;o)
Should get a badge for Q of the year ;o)

That's around 550 kilos Sara(h).

3 trips minimum :o))))
Can't you flutter your lashes at some bloke with a van?
OK so that's a fiesta vii kerb weight 1109Kg Gross laden weight 1570Kg

so pretty much the same
Question Author
Svejk, I am giving that some thought!

jake, thanks again, much appreciated.

Mr Builder.. *flutters eyelashes ;o)
.......... er ....... I could be there by lunchtime.

You'll have done it by then :o(

According to Jake's figures, those cars carry more than I thought........

1 x Sara = 50 kilos
1 x front seat = 100 kilos
150 kilos in the back

So .............. maybe only 2 trips then QED

Question Author
thanks.. I'm scared my car will die! just got 2 quotes from "man with van" ads.. about £90 :o/

another well thought out plan on my part!
Well, have you done your borders, Sara?
Or are the bricks still waiting for collection. ;-)
Those Ford Fiasco's don't hold much, do they !.
Question Author
errrrrrrrr............ ;o)
Question Author
I don't want to break my little car. I'm a bit stuffed and I don't know what to do!

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How Many Bricks Can I Get In My Car?

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