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Aphid Spray

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Tilly2 | 06:51 Thu 16th May 2013 | Home & Garden
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Is there a brand of pesticide/insecticide which does not harm bees? My husband bought some Rose Clear yesterday but it gives instructions about spraying early morning and late evening in order to be less harmful to bees.

I don't want to use it.
Is there anything else?
N.B. washing up water does not work on lupin aphids


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Twelve hours later...............Any help please?
Take the Lupin aphids off by hand Tilly.

How early do you get up? Spraying at about 5.30am should be OK and wont harm the bees
live lady birds are good or lavender, eucalyptus, conifer, lemon/citrus peel, onion shredded & steeped in boiling water, cooled then spray on infected plants
Question Author
Thanks for your help with this, everyone.

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Aphid Spray

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