Cleaning A Heavy Steak Pan

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Poppetchops | 20:20 Thu 03rd Jan 2013 | Home & Garden
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I have been given an old used heavy steak pan which needs cleaning and possibly re-seasoning. Is it true that oven cleaner will do it and what is the best way to season it ?


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I would soak it in some biological washing powder,clean it well and when it dries rub some cooking oil on it
It takes time to really season a cast iron pan. I treat mine like the wok and rub oil into it both to clean and re-season. Make sure the pan is warm and apply and rub off till the tissue you are using is almost clean. Use what you like to get the heavy grime off first.
Have you thought of the old-fashioned idea of soaking in Soda Crystals? They are good for greasy and burnt on muck. Good luck.
Here in the western U.S., cast iron utensils, (skillets, dutch ovens, etc.) are a way of life.

We've found what appeared to be totally useless cast iron items at auction sales and have turned out practically new looking ones with this simple method.

If the piece has a lot of built up "gunk", it's best to use a wire brush to remove any loose cooked on grease and dirt (outside of course). Then, remove all the racks in an electric self-cleaning oven. Place aluminum (excuse me, aluminium) foil under the burner on the bottom (to catch any drippings). Then replace only one rack just above the burner coil and place the item(s) upside down on the rack. Turn it on to self-clean for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours... maybe even 3 1/2. It'll smell and maybe even smoke a little so it's nice if you have a ventilator fan in the kitchen.
When the oven goes off, let it cool until the safety lock on the oven door releases. Then, carefully with a hotpad, remove the pans and let them cool a little more. Then coat them inside and out with 2 or 3 coats of a solid cooking shortening such as Crisco, etc. After the 3rd coat, replace in the oven and turn it on to about 300 degrees (F) for maybe 30 minutes and then turn it off until the oven cools down... Voila! new cast iron skillet...

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Cleaning A Heavy Steak Pan

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