Broken Mixer Tap

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bond | 20:48 Thu 03rd Jan 2013 | Home & Garden
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The hot side of the mixer tap on the kitchen sink does not turn off, the cap slips around but does not turn the water off. I turned it off at the mains so now just have a cold water supply. I tried to unscrew the "cap" but to no avail (and actually slightly damaged the coating of the cap). Can I just buy any new mixer tap and have a plumber fit it, or are there lots of variables involved, ie different fitting sizes etc. I ask here so as not to have a rip-off plumber tell me lies and charge me just for visiting and telling me the answer. Thank you.


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Is it the type with two conventional handwheels?
If it is, then flip the little disc off the top of the handwheel to get at the crosshead screw holding it on.
If it keeps going around, then probably the threads have worn on the handwheel itself. Easily replaceable
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yes, hot on the left, cold on the right. I turned the hot off by the main supply at the hot water tank.
If it's a kitchen mixer, then it will more than likely be 1/2" ... You would be unlikely to buy a handwheel on it's own. But the answer would be to replace the tap heads...they come as a pair.

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hi The Builder, I took the discs of both the hot and cold, and both crosshead screws go around along with the I'm confused even more, as the cold is working fine.
Ah ... I can see why you're confused with the cold tap. I still think this is the most common problem of the threads wearing out in an acrylic handwheel.
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to The Builder, so do i need a whole new tap, and if so are they all universal fitting? Thank you for your replies so far.
Usually just a straight swap if you want to replace the whole mixer. Variations can crop up, but you should be Ok.

Try here for handwheels (tap heads)...........

or here..........

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Broken Mixer Tap

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