Clothes-drying heaters.

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Sea Devil | 21:31 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | Home & Garden
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The council have just done a ton of work on my flat. The only bad point being my immersion heater being taken out. The 'immersion cupboard' has e're long been a hyper-effective airing cupboard/drying room. My washing machine has no tumble drier.

In a nut: I am now left with a large cupboard with three poxy pipes in it.

I therefore seek a heater for the aforementioned white elephant. Any suggestions gratefully received re., small, effective and cheaper to run than visiting the laundrette to tumble-dry...


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we put a small tumble dryer in our immersion cupboard, you don't need to vent it through a wall, we bought one of those little boxes with a hose that fits to the tumble dryer outlet ( got it from ebay, just a few quid) that you put water in it and all the steam etc goes into there. been working for a year now, no problems.
Lakeland have a couple of things for drying wet laundry you'd probably have to spend £80 or so but that would still render your former airing cupboard just a cupboard
My neighbour has one of these and says it's great - if you can find one that you can fit inside your cupboard it will be toasty as anything and dry the clothes in no time :o)

We have a new "old fashioned" pulley now and it's fab - drys a load of washing overnight.
I have waffled on for years about this product.

I've had mine about ooo 4 years now? And it's still one of the first things i'd rescue from a house fire, above the hubby anyway!

And no, I don't get commission for them.
////I have waffled on for years about this product.////

Must be good - it's sold out.
I noticed that.... living in a flat it looked like a goiod idea
Lakeland seem to have a the same thing as the Tornado, but not for much longer.....

Click on Annie's link and scroll down a bit.
I use an airer with a little oil-fired radiator nearby, which gets left on 24/7. Doesn't seem to cost a lot to run and has the added benefit of provided a nice background heat.

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Clothes-drying heaters.

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