Shower Mixer tap problem

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Rolphy | 19:34 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Home & Garden
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Just bought a new mixer tap/shower for my bath, however, even though it seems there is good water pressure, when I pull up the diverter, it doesn't stay up. If I physically keep the diverter pulled up, water comes out of the shower, however, the second I let go, the water then re-diverts to the taps. Does this suggest a faulty unit or is there anything I can do to reduce the diverter valve pressure so that the switch stays up?


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What's your hot water system Rolphy?
sounds like a faulty unit to me.
...and , if you want a lazy-man's solution, use a small plastic "spacer" of the correct dimensions to keep the b*****r in the "up" position. I did this for years, a long time ago...worked a treat.
Most diverter spouts are somewhat similar (at least here in the U.S.). Take a look at this site to see if there's any help for you. The author has already assumed the spout (diverter) must be replaced, which is the usual fix...
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I have an old fashioned boiler in our house and the hot water comes through water cylinder tank supplied from the loft tank.
Same problem here Rolphy

A few years ago, replaced bath/shower and installed mixer taps. I am using blue tack to keep the lever up. Had the pressure checked and hot water pressure was pitiful.

It is a bit better if I use the taps to get the right amount of hot/cold adjusted, and then pull-up the diverter; also, the higher the shower head, the more water pressure suffers.

A friend of mine went with a power shower pump and it works great, but it also costs him a fortune in water and heating of the water.

Good luck, hope this helped

Been there, done that, wish I could do better...........

Old Salt
......... so, gravity hot water then, Rolphy. I guessed it might be. Sometimes, the pressure of the hot (gravity) isn't enough to keep the valve open.
Some mixers manage, some don't. Unfortunately, it's trial and error........ and of course, heads of gravity (height of rooftank above the bath) vary a lot.
Not much help, but some pumped pressure on the hot would probably do it, but it's a bit sledgehammer/walnut etc.
That is, assuming the mixer isn't faulty.
I have had the same problem with my mixer pull up diverter since our water pressure has decreased slightly.
Take diverter apart and take out the small compression spring and reassemble, the only difference is you have to pull or push the diverter into each position,job done.

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Shower Mixer tap problem

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