King Sized bed - which sized Duvet?

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bizzylizzy | 10:11 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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We're about to buy a Duvet. The bed is King sized but I read somewhere that you should buy a size bigger than your bed, so we should be buying a Super King sized duvet.

Would you agree or will a King sized Duvet be sufficient do you think? Opinions gratefully received. Thank you.


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I'd get a bigger one. I do share a bed with a duvet thief though!!
super king would be better but you will be quite restricted in getting covers as they are quite hard to find
Buy a Queen duvet. It's cosy to have plenty of spare duvet.
I have a KS bed, and KS duvet is fine.
Had our KS bed for years and have always found KS duvet perfect.
Agree, KS duvet is more than adequate for a KS bed.
SKS bedding is very hard to source.
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Oooh this is tricky, you seem divided in your opinions. I can find the Super King duvet and covers, but some pictures I've seen of a Super King sized quilt on a bed show it more or less dragging on the floor on either side of the bed. But I also want to make sure that I don't wake up in the night to find hubby has rolled over and taken the Duvet with him. Oooer, decisions, decisions. Thanks for your help so far everyone.
what size of bed and duvet did you have before this?
i think you should always have a duvet that is a size bigger than your bed.

The duvet concept works on enough 'hangover' to provide weight so you can move under the duvet without it moving with you, which leads to it sliding all over the place.

The NHS of course ignored this rule and bought duvets for all their beds that are the same size as the beds - i.e. too small, and you can only keep one on all night if you don;t move at all once you lie down!
When we stayed in Germany years ago, the hotel beds had two generous single duvets on our double bed Revelation! cosy, and no duvet tugs of war. You can overlap them in the middle for cuddles.
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Our bed is a King sized sleigh bed. We had a duvet years ago but used it to put in our Retriever's bed when she was poorly. We never bought another one and used sheets and Indian quilted bedspreads. They look pretty and are fine in the Summer but they don't do the job in this cold weather, so we have piles of blankets, dressing gowns on top of the bedspreads to help keep us warm.
My preference is for a double-sized duvet for my king-size bed. It overlaps about 4 to 6 inches on both sides. If I'm too hot, its easy to just stick my legs out from under it, or pull the edge up onto my shoulder, to help cool off a bit. With a king-size or bigger, I would find that too much of a hassle, with all that extra duvet. (Fortunately, my wife completely agrees with me!).
wofgang - that was always the original concept with 'continental quilts' as they were quaintly called when they first became popular over here. The Europeans always use two large singles, and fail to understand our use of a double which they see as defeating the concept.
Two singles is the way to go - and so much easier to handle/change bedding.
We have a kingsize bed and have a kingsize feather duvet. The feather bit is important. When two of you lie in bed with a polyester duvet on top of you it's just like a dome, when you have a feather duvet it sort of moulds itself to the two of you seperately, and when you turn over, instead of dragging the whole duvet with you you just turn in your own little space. Since we got the feather duvet there has been very little duvet thieving!
I have a double bed with a king sized quilt cover, of course the cost of the bedding increases with the size of the bed.
We have a King Size bed and a Sup King feather duvet it does reach down to the floor when the bed is made though.
we have his and hers duvets one king one double as we like to caterpillar, a ks should fine on a ks bed ours is ;)

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King Sized bed - which sized Duvet?

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