Update on Walk-in Shower-room.

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carlton23 | 09:18 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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Another two day`s should see it completed. I never realised what it would take to turn s seperate toilet and bathroom into a Walk-in Shower, but I am sure all the noise and dust and my COPD giving me sleepless nights through constant coughing it will be worth it. The Stair-lift is an absolute blessing, no more gasping for air on getting to the top. Thankyou Social Services.


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Glad it's all going well for you Carlton:)
They can be blooming excellent (Social Services that is)

We will be expecting to see a clean and sparkling Carlton on Monday!! x
great news carlton. chair lift and a walk in shower ! my your posh ! :)
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It will be finished to-morrow, I can't wait, it looks fabulous. 5* hotel.
Will you be able to post a pic? :c)
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CD: H`mmm, I don`t know how, please inform.
Glad you are going to have an easier life Carlton... Enjoy it they are not luxuries
Erm... Think you just take a picture on a digital camera or mobile with internet, upload it to tinypic site or something and then give us a link.... I don't really know the technology behind it though, my OH helps me do it when I want to post a picture :-/
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C/D: I`ll try when the jobs finished, but it looks great so should be finished to-morrow.

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Update on Walk-in Shower-room.

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