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lostboy87 | 14:04 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Property
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Hi all,

I am in desperate need of some help..

We have a two bedroom house and my son and daughter are currently sharing a room. Our girl is 10 and little boy 7 this's becoming a problem!

I'm currently on a low income and my partner had to quit work due to our daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
We can't afford to move to a 3 bed because we won't get another mortgage and we can't afford the prices of rent these days.
We ideally would like to move as we hate the area we are in but can see no way out.

Also thought about getting the loft converted but would struggle to get a loan..

It's really affecting our mental health and my anxiety is getting ridiculous....we just need a solution. They can't carry on sharing anymore due to my little boy being disturbed by the insulin pump alarms and my daughter starting puberty..

Would love any suggestions as to what we could do or if we have overlooked any options.

Thank you so much for reading!


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Insurance, t&c's of mortgage or lease and fire would be a worry with a temporary loft job.
Very good point, Ryzen.
Especially the fire aspect. "Means of escape" is the issue.

If your income is low and you are looking after a child with needs, you should be able to get working tax credit and housing benefit. You will be eligible for housing benefit for a house with 3 bedrooms as your children will be classed as needing separate bedrooms. Her is a link to a government calculator
I know you have your own mortgaged home at the moment but this may be a way out.
Auntie.............. weren't discretionary grants available at one time... for home improvements where there is a "medical" need?
Any room for a small conservatory?
No idea builder -but I've found this link :-)
smowball i 'm the same as you ,both my grandchildren are type 1
Seems like it might be possible. I remember around 30 years ago doing a lot of improvements through Local district Council Grants.
Back then, anybody could have one.

Worth looking into.............
Question Author
She quit her child minding business to homeschool her due to school putting her in a few situations that could have been fatal.
My daughter now has bad anxiety's not easy!
She has since gained her BA Honours and is looking for work. Lots of interviews and no luck so far.

We want to move more than anything just unsure if help to buy or part ownership would work in our situation..

Our house is too small for all other things being mentioned.

Thanks for all replies so far.
//She has since gained her BA Honours and is looking for work. Lots of interviews and no luck so far.// Is that the partner or the daughter?
obv the partner!
//my daughter starting puberty..//

read the flippin thread before commenting!
No, not as it's written, Davebro.

The sofa bed seems to be the best short term solution, until the financial situation improves.
I did read the tread Davebro.
reading & understanding are different!
I understood it perfectly. I was asking for clarity.
Question Author
Sorry if people are getting mixed up..
My partner gained a degree.

We have the best control of Type 1 in our's everything that comes with it and the trauma from my Daughter's last school.

Believe me, if work was possible she would be!
We also have no support from either of our parents.
sorry - it's just that idiotic comments sometimes annoy me!

My fault entirely.
I hope your situation improves quickly Lostboy.

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