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Carpet Over Laminate?

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silliemillie | 21:30 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | Interiors
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I had laminate laid i my bedroom last year, but I really dont like it.

Would it be OK just to lay carpet over it? Cant be bothered to take it all up again.


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Yes, I've done it quite successfully.
One thing to think of is that it will raise the height of the floor and doors etcetera will need adjusting
Make sure you use good underlay.
Alright...My OH says NO, take it up.
With proper underlay to stop the carpet slipping plus the possibility of you having to trim the bottom of the door to allw it to open I don't see why not.
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Thanks, might give it a go then,
Underlay, laminate, underlay, carpet. Cut the doors to size. Is it worth it?
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Not sure ummmm but it seems so cold even when it isnt. Might get some big rugs first see if that makes a difference.
Big rugs are nice you may have to cut a piece of underlay to put underneath to stop slipping but I love rugs on wood or laminate floors.
I had my carpets cleaned at the weekend. The filth they harbour, even when they look clean, is shocking.

I'd get a rug..
It would be a nice surprise for any electrical or plumbing contractor needing access to cables or pipes.Laminate floors are the work of the Devil :-).

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Carpet Over Laminate?

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