Another Question... Can A Young Plum Tree Be Moved Now? To A New Place.?

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lilacben | 15:21 Thu 23rd Mar 2017 | Gardening
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I would be grateful for help please.? Thankyou


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My young plum tree is just coming into blossom so I wouldn't move mine. Is yours still dormant?
So long as roots are soil covered & placed in large water filled hole.
Not the ideal time of the year for moving a tree, the sap will be rising now, so I'd put it off til autumn if poss, when the tree is in a dormant (torpid)state.
If the tree is very young though and its not been established for long, then your chances may be greater.
You would need to do it ASAP and take a HUGE rootball to be successful, also best to dig and prep the new hole first before digging up the tree so its out of the ground for as short a time as possible. In my experience, even moving a small tree is a much bigger job than you think its going to be!
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Many thanks... yes this tree is just going into bud but hasnt blossomed yet... I will try and get it all up by digging a bog hole... and fingers crossed .x
A 'big' hole would be better .. ;-)

Dont forget to support it with a stake ..
I'd hang on until autumn, personally.

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Another Question... Can A Young Plum Tree Be Moved Now? To A New Place.?

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