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MsNomer | 19:29 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | DIY
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I got a new boiler fitted 2 months ago. It's on summer setting at the moment. I tried to run some hot water but it would not heat up. The boiler is making a noise when I run the water but the gas does not seem to be firing up. The LED's showing green, my gas cooker is working, the water pressure is fine - so what is the problem?
I tried to put the central heating on but it won't fire up either.


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did the installer explain the operation of it and surely you must have instructions and a user guide
in there there will be a fault finding section. i think you need to look at the pressure of the system and whether the level has dropped. if this is the case you will have to top it up, but also the water must have gone somewhere i.e. a small leak. noticed any evidence of a leak near a joint ,like a radiator? or damp patches elsewhere
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I do have a user guide and I have kept my water pressure topped up. After trying to get the heating going I did get a light on which means - no water circulation and another which could mean ignition blocked When I turn the switch to restore function my light goes green again and that's me back to square one.
The boiler does not start and I think I'm going to have to get the installer if there is not a simple answer. I just didn't want any further expense.
i would look for a reset switch or if it is not circulating water then this job is carried out by the pump.
arn,t these still under warrenty though?
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I got in touch with the installer and he says he will get in touch with the company who fixes the boilers.
I expect any parts will be under warranty but it would have been easier if I could have done something myself.
It probably needs an expert as everything is electronic and electrical.
Thanks anyway.
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If anyone is interested in the outcome of this - my filter was blocked.
The system was full of sludge and when it was flushed the filter got very dirty - it should have been rinsed out afterwards.
i sincerely hope that they flushed out the system properly when they installed your new boiler because that is the number one excuse the boiler makers will use to get out of the warranty!

its great to hear your installer actually got it sorted for you though, too many times you hear of them taking your money and running.
how to set the timer on a sime ecomfort 25 he
how to set timer on a sime ecomfort 25 he boiler

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