Re-Fixing A Toilet Roll Holder

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chrissa1 | 16:02 Sat 03rd Mar 2012 | DIY
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Can I replace the screw that the toilet roll holder fastens onto in the wall, by getting a rawl plug and some glue? Thanks


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There should already be a rawl plug in the wall where the old screw fitted. If your saying the old rawl plug no longers holds the screw tight, then best idea is to gently drill out the old rawl plug.

Insert new rawl plug and if a little loose you can stick it in with some glue or preferably polyfilla, decorators caulk.
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Thanks SA. The whole rawl plug and screw can be removed, leaving a larger hole than is required.
probably better to completely fill the whole, let it dry hard and re-drill and
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Afraid I don't have a drill. Can I not just plug it in with fast drying goo?
In that case you might have to fill the hole and re-site the toilet roll holder elsewhere. Filling the hole and re-drilling in the same place rarely works.

You must have been 'in extremis' to have pulled the holder of the wall!! ☺
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Cheeeeeky SA!! It was loose when I moved into the house. I rent it. I could just buy a stick on holder I guess.
Just fell of my chair laughing because I misread your reply as "I was loose when I moved in to the house"

If its only just a little loose, you could try unscrewing the old rawl plug off the screw, half fill the hole with polyfilla and insert plug back in before it sets. Leave it 24hrs then try re-fitting toilet roll holder.
Why don't you try a spring loaded toggle bolt (called so here in the the

They're easily done and you already have the oversized hole in the wall for it...
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Lol, lol, lol SA. I'm not saying another word!!
I think your suggestion about the hole is what I wanted to hear. I'm off to Homebase. Thanks.
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This is all getting a bit personal now Clanad. Lol. Thanks.
I use these all the time, and swear by them.
They will simply solve your problem without the guesswork.
Have a look at the video.
When our loo roll holder came loose instead of fannying around I just stuck it to the wall using no nails

Stuck solid ever since
How brilliant is that alavahalf. Thanks for posting that. Never heard of them before but will definitely be buying a pack to put in the toolbox. So easy and simple.
A couple of weeks ago I was using one, and I told the customer what I was going to do with the 'wet patch' as I call them. When I'd put the patch in the hole I asked if she would boil the kettle... "will the hot water make them work better" she said ..." will help you make a brew.. and by the time the tea is ready, I can re-fit your curtain track".
I love No More Nails.
LOL alava.

Boxy I've just Binged No More Nails and it looks like it's just a glue and not a filler. Is that right?
Never seen that before, looks like a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
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Alavahalf that looks brilliant. I went to Homebase and a nice man sold me some screw fixings but all they did was make the hole bigger. I'll have a look for these pads. Thanks.
I get them from Wicked.
Sorry I meant Wickes ..!

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Re-Fixing A Toilet Roll Holder

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