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Lovelypie23 | 07:30 Thu 20th May 2021 | History
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Who is loaded as the greatest father of comics and comic writings in the US?


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stan lee
loaded? Odd word in this context IMO

"Lorded" maybe?
I think she means "lauded" again.

As a child I learned a lot of vocabulary reading comics - obviously the OP didn't!
this is the same question but by a different poster..
it should be lauded i think...
Deja vu...?
probably Gilbert Shelton who none of us have heard of

first comic is meant to be Ali Sloper's Bazaar 1889
or was until they found an earlier 1d
( or wun punts as some say now)

GS pioneered various tecnics now er lauded such as |Frames merging into others - arrows to show the flow around the page
and such things as Freddie in one frame helping himself to a plate off biccies in another

one of the family does this ( it has a technical name - frame designer, illustrator some goddam noun)
Fat freddie's cat
fredddie would be in one frame (watching tv ) whilst the cat got to kiddy adventures in others
Bob Crumb!

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Father Of Comics

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