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Yes, it is, in the sense that it was created not long after World War II.
I think that all countries are artificial countries. Go back far enough and you'll find that one lot pinched the land from another lot. The worst must have been the really ancient lot who nicked it from God (apart from the Jews, who were encouraged to take the land and slaughter its inhabitants, except for the useful animals such as young women and succulent calves).
I think that the difference there was not "one lot pinching land from another lot" but a third lot laying down the law and siding with one lot in the process.
Yes it was created but wasnt Pakistan too?

We are where we are.
except its not "we" is it?
I assume you are having a dig at me.

And yes it is "we" with "we" being the World.
YMF 16:55;
"Yes it was created but wasnt Pakistan too?"
And so was the USA and all the other American countries, and the African countries (just look at their borders - with a ruler), and all the European countries, and so it goes.......
It never seems to work out well when powerful interests parcel up land and dish it out to the natives.
// Yes it was created but wasnt Pakistan too
We are where we are.//

where is you history of the glorious British Empire boys and girls

Australia for a start - oh my god you werent gonna say the Iriginals ( whoever ) who were their first had a sense of country which is a Renaissance social construct for a start ?

Any or all of the Melanesian or Polynesian ( they're different remember) Island groups - New Hebrides, New Caledonia, New Brunswick

Pakistan a British creation - Gandhi and Jinna knew if they didnt agree that they would be given their own countries to govern so they didnt agree. What did the Great Light say? ( Gandhi silly ) - The greatest mistake of the British was to create Pakistan.

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, - alot were creations of Gertrude Bell (*)

Upper and Lower Canady....

the list goes on

(*) - you may foo - I favour " what dat gardener fing doing designing countries? Lutyens, him. Why didnt his moll stick to gardings and not screw up vuh Middle East for a hundred years !
yup atheist
clearing your time given up by NOT reading the Bible - hold it werent Israelites given land after a forty y wander?

given up by not reading the Bible was spent usefully staring at a map on the wall. what a little scholard you were !
I may have been insulted by PP! Or maybe not. I think, on the basis that I believe what I find pleasing to the ear, that I shall take his post as an uninsulting comment.
I am too nice to insult people
mwah mwah
oh yeah ok

as an atheist - you wouldnt read the bible and therefore be unaware that the Israelites wandered the desert for forty y until they were assigned a land

BUT using the time freed up by not reading the bible - - you must be your erudition, have been staring at a map of the world countries

well it made sense to me
Came about as a result of the partition plan agreed by the UN in November 1947.
When the British announced they were to leave the Holy Land, David Ben Gurion declared a state of Israel on 14 May 1948.
Israel became a member of the UN in 1949.

Jews have bceen living in that land continuously for about 3,500 years. The land has been given by God as an eternal inheritance to the Jewish people, see the book of Genesis.

The modern Zionist movement dates back to the 19th century. Jews started returning to the Holy Land in increasing numbers throughout the 19th century and up to the second world war.

Prior to the second world war Jewish settlers in the Holy Land were often called Palestinians. There has never been a country called Palestine.
Thank you, PP.
fiveleaves. And prior to 3500 years ago? Whose land was it then? And what did God say to the Midianites and all the rest who were destined to be slaughtered and cast out of their ancient ancestral territories (except for the useful ones like attractive cows and edible young women)?
Please think about the sort of history you are told, and think about the morals of the god you are told about. Please listen to what sounds right to you, deep in your heart.
YMF 16:55;
"Yes it was created but wasnt Pakistan too?"
And so was the USA and all the other American countries, and the African countries (just look at their borders - with a ruler), and all the European countries, and so it goes.......

Not even in the same ball park. None of the countries you mentioned being created involved the displacement of millions of people so comparing them to Pakistan is plain wrong
oh dear factually not correct
Empire Loyalists to Canada after the peace of 1783

large scale population shifts - post 1919 - Greeks and turks spring to mind

larger scale population shift after 1945 - Benes decrees in Czech - all the Volga Germans sent home after 200 y for starters

scots into Northern ireland 1650.... Pakistan is not on its own
But none of those compare to 10-20 million displaced as Pakistan was established so not in the same ballpark as Atheist was alluding to
Let’s keep things in context
It isn’t artificial but the country was manufactured and then given as a gift.
Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire for centuries under Muslim control.
Turkey sided with the German in World War I and when it lost, its territory was carved up by the winning side. Britain got Palestine.
We bequeath it to the Jewish people after World War II to solve the problem of a homeland for the millions of European Jewish people displaced by the war.
All well and good except the Palestinian people who had lived there for thousands of years were dispossessed and kick from the place where they had already lived.

Countries like Iraq are artificial in that they were cobbled together from several territories. Israel has more or less had the same territory, but it was uniquely gifted to a third party.

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