Hawker Hurricane Recoverd In Essex

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retrocop | 19:28 Sun 31st Mar 2019 | History
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Great news. I have a particular liking for the unsung hero of the Battle of Britain and other theatres of operation ( North Africa Tankbusters).
Great news that the pilot is still alive. Hope they manage to restore it to it's former glory but airworthy ??? Even the Maltese couldn't achieve that with their pile of scrap. Now to be viewed in the Malta Aviation Museum.


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Yes, people tend to forget that the larger number of fighter aitcraft in WW2 were Hurricanes . The Spitfire seems to hog the lime light.
The Spitfire got all the glory, but it was the Hawker Hurricane that really frightened the German pilots, as it had cannon fire, and the Spitfire didn't.
A friend of a friend actually owns one and it's finished in bright silver, - I think it is polished aluminium. He did a low fly-past at Rendcombe, Glos. (a small private airshow) which certainly got the blood racing. Gorgeous!
Fabulous and good old Paddy still alive at 99years of age.
I agree, the Hurricanes were underestimated by the british public and shot down more luftwaffe aircraft than the Spitfire.
Brilliant news.
I’m just viewing the story with a tiny pinch of salt(given the date) as I’d be sceptical of the claim that it may be possible to restore it to flying status.
Sincerely hope I’m proved wrong.
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Especially in the hands of the Polish 303 Squadron RAF.
I try and pop in most years to monitor the progress of the Malta Aviation Museum's pet restoration which I have followed since the wreck was bought to the museum from the seabed ( A pile of barely recognisable scrap.Here are a few photos and you can read the story of this labour of love. Truly a!mazing.
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I very much have doubts it will fly.The fine efforts of the Maltese were unable to restore to flying condition their project.( see above link)It was decided the airframe would never take the stress and certificate of airwortiness would neverbe granted.They are allowed to
taxi it however and when the starboard main wing is finally completed it will be taken to the nearby Luqa air show every year
Whoever is recovering theaircraft I just hope it’s not the same that recovered the Dornier from the channel.
I recall watching that live and it was shambolic, you could physically see the aircraft being damaged to an even greater degree as it surfaced!
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Yes I remember that well. :-(
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I believe that was the only 'flying pencil' found in recoverable condition which is worse. :-(

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Hawker Hurricane Recoverd In Essex

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