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AB Editor | 16:45 Fri 21st May 2010 | Gaming
19 Answers
The Google Homepage...

It is playable guys!

Spare Ed


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Not sure about it Ed, it's making funny noises :-)
Question Author
I believe AB towers has just ground to a standstill because of pacman on the google homepage...

Small things eh?

I'm so glad they didn't do that earlier in the day, I'd never have got any work done today!
hello AB spare ED, has anyone got passed the first level? or am I just a bad bit at it! Them blobs keep getting me ;-)
erm... 'a bit bad at it' ;-)
O...M.....F..........G...............!!!!! Sweet, dude!!!!!!!!!!

I think I love you, spare. I really do ♥♥♥♥♥
Question Author
Good isn't it?

Another game I love:

Captain Forever

Give it a go, you drive with the keyboard and build with the mouse.

I wonder what he was googling? there is a wealth on knowledge on this site, maybe someone on here could of helped him :-)
Question Author
Wonder what who was googling?

I've missed something

Spare Ed
Hello, my mistake but how did you know about the pac-man game if you weren't googling something? So was suggesting someone on here might have helped you.
Question Author
I suppose so!

We all use google every day at AnswerBank HQ because, although AB is very good for getting certain answers, Google can sometimes give you really basic answers very quickly.

Speaking of which:

If you ever meet someone on here who is broken hearted, send them this link: http://www.wolframalp...+many+fish+in+the+sea

All the best,

Spare Ed
Thank you for the reply Spare Ed, I was only joking btw. guess i should get used to typing my postings ending with a ;-)

thanks also for the links :-)

Have an indulgent weekend.
C'mon then post your google scores!

Had a quick play earlier and got 40300.
Question Author
Hogbody (an interesting username!) - I'm afraid you must be patient with me, I'm usually a bit slow before the weekend!

All the best

Spare Ed
no problem Spare Ed, (interesting, how many do you have? ;-)

hogbody simply means I can't spell :-p

Hope you do have a great weekend and not too much beer and sun combined.
I'm a bit on a time warp! Saw the google thing on the first day, but didn't realise it could be played! Should have come on AB then...........
You can still play it:
haha thanks Squarebear!

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