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1984 Retro gaming - Elite.

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12thPaladin | 01:04 Fri 21st May 2010 | Gaming
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Originally released for the BBC Micro but I played this a lot as a teen 24 years ago when I bought it for the Commodore 64 in 1986. In its day a very clever compact piece of coding that still gets recognition today in the form of decompiled reverse engineered PC compatible clones.

I know this version is over 400Kb, but the original was just 64k and did the same thing (wire frame rather than solid graphics) Fantastic !
So, O.K , I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and thought I'd revisit some of the stuff I left behind as a child, A trip down memory lane. Nothing wrong with that is there?
I bet if you were playing this back then you'll know


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Absolutely nothing wrong with retro gaming. I myself live for them and have an overly expensive obsession with collecting them.
I played elite on a bbc archemedes, excellent game, you can download this version for free to play on the PC
I loved Elite I thought it was the best ever apart from the docking I played on the Speccy
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ha ha cazzz :)
Yep thats the gist of my post I suppose. Not really a question at all.
But at 01:04 after a few beers, aaaahhh c'mon...!
Have to admit it - I've never played Elite. That said from a self confessed retro gaming nut.

May download and give it a go.

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1984 Retro gaming - Elite.

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