Space invaders game in pubs around 1980 - anyone remember please?

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dave50 | 13:57 Thu 26th Jan 2012 | Gaming
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Does anyone remember the name of a space invaders type of game that used to be in pubs around 1980 but unlike the classic early one, this had a three part space ship that you had to land and dock on top of one another after shooting all the aliens after each round? I remember playing it sat down against my friend facing each other rather than a stand up machine.


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If not galaxian,maybe defender?
Galaxians i loved it!
Pacman was the most fun!
I was thinking..Astro Wars
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Thank you for that, I think it may be Galaxians.
I think it probably was Moon Cresta, as Mattk shows.

I used to love Phoenix, on a similar table top machine. If you played 2 player mode, it reversed the screen each time you got killed.

Ahhh Phoenix! I was once show a bug on the 'eggs/birds' levels; if you stayed far left of the screen their bullets wouldnt harm you. This only worked for bullets occupying pixel position 1 on the screen, any further right of that and you'd lose a life.
Oh I remember that game (but not the name). I was over the moon the first time I managed to dock them all. I can picture the bar now!
I didn't recognise the name either so assumed it was known as something else over here.
Did another search and perhaps Galaga is the one in question here?
I know drink driving is a no no, but I got my highest score by a long way on Phoenix when very well watered.
Damn, I'm getting too slow. That one was certainly Moon Cresta.
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I now know it was definately Phoenix we used to play in the pub!
Did that feature docking?
Phoenix didnt feature docking. I can only recall 2 games with docking stages both mentioned here, Astro Wars and Moon Cresta. Think Moon Cresta had the 3 stage dock.
Yes, if you watch the Moon Crest Youtube link above, you can see the three docking stages.

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Space invaders game in pubs around 1980 - anyone remember please?

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