O R G A N I C -- Away From Industrially-Processed Fodder . . . And P L A S T I C S ...1

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gl556tr | 19:36 Mon 05th Apr 2021 | Recipes
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Many moons ago when I was an innocent student . . .
(no nothing to do with Noggin, the Nog)

A friend of mine worked in a sausage-making factory for the Summer. He never bought the bangers of yore again. Nor did I.
We had never heard of the term 'organic'; nor, indeed, the problem of plastics.

Initially deriding organics, I have found myself paying more for quality, rather than less for quantity. It works: food grown locally and never having been showered with pesticides and herbicides is fresh and brings taste. What a change from the water-filled, red-skinned food called 'tomato'.
We have a young fellow having returned from several years working on organic farms abroad = learning by doing! Now, he has a couple of fields with greens, varieties of salads, tomatoes - it all looks quite promising. Needless to say, he has many locals keen to support his 'projects'.
He also spurns any bags/packaging with plastics. Jute and linen have come to the fore; bio-degradable, transparent bags based on potato starch are finding more use, too.

What a wonderful development!


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This *might* have been better placed in Society and Culture, or the main Food and Drink sub. I'm not sure it's related to recipes.
I hope the 'young fellow' is successful.
I learned to make sausages, terrines, andouillette, boudin blanc et noir, in a French deli one August during 'Le Grand Départ' when living in a western suburb of Paris.....great fun, the meats and their handling being of good quality and hygienic - and my French vocab coming on leaps and bounds.... Committed me to quality sources.

Later on, I was in the Tesco head office when Mad Cow was announced. A question posed to me was how long it took for an organic chicken to grow to 3lb - and one in a battery. That committed me to eating organic chicken from then on.
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Thank you, pasta.

Our 'young fellow' is working his plots through all day-light hours; in spite of sleet and snow.

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O R G A N I C -- Away From Industrially-Processed Fodder . . . And P L A S T I C S ...1

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