is this a normal dinner that you yourself would enjoy

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ooh-la-la | 03:03 Tue 07th Sep 2010 | Food & Drink
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sausages,eggs, with mushrooms and peas in thick gravy and a bread roll.


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gravy and eggs on the same plate? no no no no NO!

(is no one else answering any questions today? lol)
Give me chance to open my eyes. Only been up since 5.30
Definitely not gravy with eggs. Who thought up that idea ? And no sausage for me thanks, Im a veggie
I could eat it if I was hungry. But, eggs and gravy? Weird combo.
LOL @ sara ... getting impatient at 7.11 am !!

Jayne, when I wake too early I do expect someone to entertain me ;o)
You've had balls sara, what more do you need at that time of a morning?
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salla, fair point.

good morning Butch.. did I miss something? ;o)
No tinned tomatoes? That's just not right.
-- answer removed --
Where are the mashed potatoes to mop up all the tasty gravy?
-- answer removed --
typical.. first bit of action and I sleep through it :o(
You've missed out the chips.
I'd probably stomach something like that but without the eggs and I'd rather have some chips than a bread roll.
eeeuuuughhhh no wonder the race is dying out.

Egg and Gravy, no, no no
What? spam?
Eggs and gravy !
God help your stomach !

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is this a normal dinner that you yourself would enjoy

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