Extreemley sour green grapes

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WhiteBears | 22:53 Mon 06th Sep 2010 | Food & Drink
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is that normal?? i usually buy green grapes, on some occasions the odd one or two they are really sour which are unbareable to eat, but this time a large bunch are soooo sour that i have to spit it out!! the grapes look fine and dosnt look off, its not even soft, its crunchie or is it describe as crispy?

any ideas?


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Perhaps the grapes weren't ripe and ready for eating yet?

On another note about sour grapes - there are quite a few sour grapes on here. :-)
Not ripe - take 'em back.
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hmm dont think i can take them bk, only half bunch left, ive thrown 1/4 away :( what a waste...
put a banana in the bowl with them, that'll ripen them
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cool,just done that, its nx to oranges too!! how long do i have to wait? will a few days do?

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Extreemley sour green grapes

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