another different day today limited choice as everything has to be portable, going to the Devon Agricultural show so:

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merciasounds | 09:52 Wed 19th May 2010 | Food & Drink
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Dips ( Tzatziki, hummous, taramasalata, tapenade) with pitta breads and vegetable sticks
Spring vegetable soup

Mains: Traditional Cornish pasties, steak and onion or chicken and mushroom pies,
salad, jersey royals
Tortilla - Spanish omelette, with diced peppers, cooked potatoes, onion and peas
Sirloin steak and fried onion bagettes
Roast leg of pork baps with sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and crispy crackling
Kettle chips

Fresh strawberries ice cream for pud


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I'll go for the pud this time...

Who cleans your kitchen?
Question Author
I do, and I hold a current hygiene certificate, why?
lol....just wondered. I love cooking but hate cleaning up.
Veg soup for starter, Spanish Omelette..and plenty of strawberries and ice cream thank you:)
Question Author
I don't mind cleaning up. As long as there's plenty of hot water, and something decent on the radio, or the CD player then I'm happy to be in the kitchen, either cooking or prep-ing or cleaning
With me it's more the fact that after I have eaten the left overs make me feel sick...
Question Author
I see.....ummmm - what are leftovers? hahaha
Is that what you call a limited choice merciasounds ! lol
You have more food on the Table than I have in the House :-D
Question Author
S'all packed in the car - be off at one o' clock that's got to last four people tonight and tomorrow's breakfast and possibly lunch too
i'm actually full.........

wish i'd known about the show a bit earlier
Left overs..!! I always cook extra. You never know who will pop round :-)
hmm you're probably not going to get to see this but i think i'm about 5 miles away from the show so i'm going to attempt it tomorrow or friday!

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another different day today limited choice as everything has to be portable, going to the Devon Agricultural show so:

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