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ummmm | 12:46 Wed 28th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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I'm planning on doing Thai fish cakes with a cucumber dipping sauce for dinner. I want to make it as a main so any recommendations for what will go with it?


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A boiled ham ;-p
Vegetables tempura?
Have you got your own recipe for the fishcakes ummm or will you be scouring the internet for some?
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Got the recipe...

Have you got a tried and tested one? I've never made them before....but I'm quite decent in the kitchen...

Snags...It's boiled bacon..!!! And it doesn't marry with chillis...
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I'll google that NoM...
Don't look in my direction ummmm I'm still learning!
mange tout, and baby corn stir-fried with coriander, ginger and sesame oil
Hi, well I'd do some sort of noodles - egg noodles or 'glass' noodles, and a stir-fry veg mix, spring onion, mushrooms, peppers, baby corn, mange tout - etc or some savoury rice would be nice. Another nice dipping sauce for Thai fish cakes is mixing Sweet chili sauce with lime juice and light soy sauce - 4tbs Sweet chili, to two of lime to one of soy - mix. I like to do lots of different dishes, like stir-fried grrenbeans with lemon and sesame seeds, another dish of straw mushrooms, some mixed stir-fried veg, plain noodles, that way people can fill up on what they like - hope everything goes well - bon apetite!!
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I ended up getting some greens and some pok choi which I will stir fry with some chilli, ginger and garlic...and few other things...served with noodle.

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