is life too short to waste drinking rubbish coffee

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rowanwitch | 13:01 Wed 28th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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colleagues take p*** as I won't drink nescafe provided but prefer to make proper coffee
I say life's too short to waste even 5 mins drinking something vile like coffee made from nescafe granules They are quick enough to drink what ever I have left over.....


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I hate coffee, all coffee. Tea please and plenty of it.
If you have time then why not have the real deal as its better tasting. The reason granules are so popular is convenience I suspect.
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tth i make proper tea in a teapot too....its probably because I am not a big alcohol drinker good tea and coffee are just two of my other vices.
Just two of your other vices? How many vices do you have!
Rowanwitch - You are clearly a person of taste. Cast scorn on your co-workers - fools the lot of them.
I drink nescafe :-(
i don;t like instant coffee, so stick to tea or water at work and pop into costa when i need a fix
i drink nescafe too. I do like the real deal in a coffee house but it is convenience and I dont mind the taste at all
I love coffee, I like to have kenco columbian instant coffee at home. Mr ask doesn't drink it much so it's a waste getting a coffee machine just for me.
Now't wrong with instant coffee as a basic day to day drink. If you want the very best every time then you are going to spend a lot of time creating it. And have spoilt the chance of 'special occassions' when you do take the trouble.
Denying yourself something by replacing it with an inferior product is like tying some trainers too tight for the joy of taking them off at the end of the day.

It doesn't take any longer than 4 minutes to make a decent cup of coffee.

I use one of these: http://www.italiancof...esso_pot_3_pieces.jpg

It makes the world go round.

Spare Ed
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I don't like strong coffee, I find most coffees for machines a little too strong. I like drinking mellow Birds, or a nice cup of PG.
more expensive too. some people cant afford the machine or the coffee
I bet these people wouldn't drink nescafe if you held a geigercounter up to a jar, for some reason nescafe coffee is radioactive - I'm being serious!!!
Now coffee - three parts Columbian Arabica to one part Robusta, full roast, medium ground, percolated with filtered water - as it comes - lovely!!
OH's daughter in law brings this fabulous coffee back from Papua New Guinea when she visits her family. It's the best coffee I've ever tasted.
Coffee is a cad and scoundrel
Coffee is a filthy beast
Tea, although an oriental,
Is a gentleman at least
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Friend has home in Jamaica sends me blue mountain now and again too mild for my taste like a good full bodied costa rican arabica with a bit of high roast java unless I'm making espresso then I use lavazza not the nicest but most consistant. I like cafe nero out of the chains but it's so cheap to make youyr own, A pack of decent beans ciosts about the same as a bottle of plonk and can last 3 or 4 days.

And bigfoot I have many not all appropriate for a website frequented by young people
Ok rowanwitch, but now the mind boggles.

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is life too short to waste drinking rubbish coffee

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