Perfect Baked Potatoes

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Panic Button | 17:47 Thu 28th Aug 2008 | Food & Drink
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How do you cook them?

I want a proper jacket, with lovely soft interior. Do I wrap them in aluminium foil? Do I do anything to the skin first?

I have a double oven, one being fan assisted.
Which one should I use?

How long and how hot?

Please help.


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I usually just give them a little scrub, not roughly, first and dry them with a paper towel then poke a knife all the way through and put them on the shelf, no baking tray, in a pre heated oven at 200 degrees (not fan assisted) for about 1 and a half hours

Enjoy :-)
I cheat!!
Nuke in the microwave for about 5 mins (unless the potato is huge and then increase time).
Pop into oven at about 180 degrees C (fan oven) for 25 mins.
Lovely with lashings of butter. Not good for you mind!! But lovely!!
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I find whenever I get a microwave involved and rush things, they are still hard inside, and the jacket is pathetic.
I do same as eash but also rub a tiny bit of oil over them (not loads just a couple of drops rubbed over your hands then rub your hands over the taties) and then grind salt over them and poke them with a skewer.

Gas mark 8 for about hour and half depending on size

Sometimes I cut them in half when they are done, break the potato inside up a little with a knife and put butter/cheese/whatever on and bob them back in the oven 10 more minutes.
crispy jacket............................. how about using a blowtorch?
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ps we have double oven, one with a fan and we use either, same results in both :)
Get the right spud such as cara maris piper or king eddie, then put oven on at 200c dont use fan oven,rub with olive oil and sea salt, then cook for a 60 to 90 mins, and dont pierce them not needed!!!
i would agree that a jacket potato done solely in the microwave is just as you say panic button, but if you put it in for 5 or so minutes while the oven is warming up, it cuts down on the oven cooking time so you get to eat it quicker, and by finishing it in the oven you really can't tell the difference.
I do mine exactly the same ay as eash, wash, dry, prick, cover in foil and bung in over for 90 minutes
I've always stuck a kebab type skewer through the gently scrubbed potatoes and then put them in a fan oven at 180C for how ever long it takes....depending on the size. The metal skewer helps to conduct the heat through the centre of the potato so that it cooks right through.

Best potatoes for the job...King Edwards, Maris Piper and Roosters.
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Thanks for your help.

lovablemrkno, you should have gone to specsavers.
The question stated I want a proper jacket - which a microwave is incapable of producing.
I don't even own a microwave, I don't like them at all.
I do mine like Pixi, Chickadee or Eash.... depending on whether I'm on a diet lol...

Diet - just scrub and pop into oven for as long as possible - that's the way to get the brilliant crunchy skin

No diet - scrub, dry and rub a bit of oil and sprinkle with sea salt.... then into oven for a long time.....

(I place them directly onto the oven shelves with a baking tray underneath if I've oiled them). Yep, nuking in the ping machine can help speed things up if they are very large but they still need at least half an hour in the oven to develop that proper crunchy *jacket* ....
i done them last night for the first time using normal cooking oil and normal salt,turn over half way in the oven and they came out beautiful! will be only doing them that way from now on! cheers peeps!
Here in my staff canteen, they micro wave them and they are like mush!!!

Horrible, I prefer the ones done in the oven.
I start mine off in the microwave, about 8mins, then put them n a hot oven for 10mins, they're lush!

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