Mushroom Fried Rice

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JB | 00:16 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Food & Drink
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I love this from a Chinese take-away, but not many of them do it now. Does anone have any ideas as to how to cook it at home? I'm ok with the fried rice, but want to know about the mushrooms in that lovely sauce. Many thanks!


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I find if it is not on the menu ask cos they will do it anyway
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Thanks for your help. The recipe wasn't really what I was after (although anything with mushroms in has got to be good!) The mushroom fried rice I like is a bed of fried rice with a layer of mushrooms in a sauce over the top. Its so yum! Will make enquiries at my local chinese I think! 01075 maybe/

You'll probably find that the sauce is a chicken stock with soy sauce, sugar and cornstarch - maybe a little seasoning - and each take out has its own mother sauce base to use in variations to suit the order. You can of course adapt the stock and use a veggy base if preferred.

Have fun chasing this down!
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Oooh! Nickmo - thank you. This seems more like it! I think I may have to have a few trial and error goes until I get it right, but at least now I have a start! Thanks again!
Glad to help - now try with different types of mushrooms....

One I really like is King Oyster - it is a small cap and long stem. Cut the stem into rounds, quickly fry and serve with a touch of fish sauce - maybe with the fried rice and sauce as above too if you fancy - and it is almost identical to eating scallops........

Have a peachy weekend...
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Will definately give that a try. I did actually make a fairly decent mushroom fried rice tonight after following your advice (I also added a touch of sherry) and even the husband (who is a committed carnivore!) gave it the thumbs up! I am by no means a veggie, but alot of my fave foods don't contain meat - and ANYTHING with mushrooms goes to the top of my list! Many thanks for the tip!

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Mushroom Fried Rice

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