Make a curry less spicy?

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Cacciotti | 17:46 Thu 07th Sep 2006 | Food & Drink
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Is there anything you can add to a curry to make it LESS spicy?


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Yes-adding yogurt will cool it down.
Yes yoghurt - mak sue is natural yoghurt cherry or strawberry don't tend to be quite as tasty !! :-)
*make sure*
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I'm making one tonight (well, from a jar :P) and I find madras a bit too hot but medium just isn't spicy at all.
Click here to see the answers I myself got for a similar question in the past.
some very good answers here, I will try that Lassi from quizmonster post, it sounds delicious!
Also mak sue yoghurst sounded delicious, until Larkin revealed it was a spelling mistake, how disappointing!!
Caccioti...I would love to give you my curry recipe :P May I please? It is simple and quite quick to make and tastes so much better than jar its mild :P

Can I? Can I? Please!!!!
you can give me the curry recipe please. i love trying new curry recipes
Yoghurt usually does the trick but if you also accidently add too much salt into your food (like me sometimes) you can throw in a couple of chopped tomatoes which work just as well in absorbing all of the extra salt or pepper.
ok janetsflower! :o) its mild but really tasty. I got it at school when i did my gcse years ago! here it goes:
1)Fry 1 diced onion in vegetable oil until golden
2)Add 300grams diced chicken breast and season with salt and pepper
3)Once chicken meat is cooked (about 10 mins to fry) add 3 teaspoons of Sharwoods Medium curry powder & 1 glass of water & 2 tablespoons of tomato puree & half a chicken stock cube.
4) Simmer for 15 minutes
5)Add 2 tablespoons of ground almond and 3 tablespoons of single cream and stir in. Add a little puree if the sauce is too creamy.
7)Serve with boiled rice (i usually boil it with a vegetable stock cube for flavour)
I also add creamed coconut if i over do the chilli

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Make a curry less spicy?

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