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Ric.ror | 13:02 Tue 21st Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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Can you peel Beets before you cook them - I have never cooked them before so I do not have a clue


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yes you can, however, i strongly recommend that you wear some kind of rubber gloves and protect your work surface, they make an awful mess and can stain!
If you are roasting/ baking them it's best not to peel - skin comes off much easier and with less mess after they are cooked.
Do not peel them before cooking as they will bleed and lose colour.As previously the skin comes off much easier after cooking.I always boil mine .

Best to roast with skins on - takes about 35 mins. Leave to cool slightly then either with gloves, or just rub with paper towel, and the skin falls away. In general, roasting keeps the colour in the beet better than boiling, plus boling can give off a bit of a strong smell....

Slice, dice, grate or cut into wedges (served with sour cream!)

Instant tasty recipe - Roast, cool and peel. Grate on coarse grater and drizzle over fresh orange juice. Top with round of goats cheese and grill for 3 mins til cheese bubbles (doesn't melt through the beet but browns) Serve with crusty bread and fresh salad as easy starter or light lunch. Nice colours and good fresh flavour. Try with golden beet rather than red. Beets are in season now as are mint and seafood, so you have a really fresh seasonal; meal from the easiest ingredients.

And don't forget to use the tops of the leaves of the beet as asalad leaves - full of good minerals etc.

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