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wolf63 | 17:34 Sun 26th May 2024 | Food & Drink
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I have a packet of cooked chicken breast in the fridge that has to be used by today.

Would you eat it tomorrow?  I am usually cautious with meat or fish but I am too tired to eat anything now.  I am also too tired to make a decision.

Thank you




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If it's been kept in a cold fridge, I would.

(assuming it passes the sniff test)


They probably build in a safety margin into their dates.

it'll be fine, it doesn't instantly go off at midnight.

Yes, I would eat it tomorrow 

Question Author

Thank you all.

I will make chicken salad for my main meal tomorrow.😁

Yes, no problem

It should be fine. Give it sniff, you'll soon know if it's on the turn

Your cat wouldn't though, they are more fussy than us.

sell by and used by dates should be banned, too much waste and i work in a supermarket you know when something is off.

not everyone has a good sense of smell, fraser.

I'd eat the chicken no problem.

(The salad, however, would be in the bin before it reached the fridge.)

I am 100% sure it would be absolutely fine - would I eat it? No but I am illogically nervous of getting any kind of stomach bug that I'd not eat chicken or shellfish even a day after.

Assuming it went in the fridge as soon as you got it home from the shop, then it will be safe for a good few days after the printed date, which is only a guide.

Regardless of dates, I very, very seldom throw anything away; and I reheat too. I'm 90 and didn't get here by being a "Don't touch it darling till mummy's wiped it" ninny.

If it looks and smells OK and is well cooked / reheated, go ahead.

Question Author

Well, my chicken salad was excellent.  I survived😁

Today's meal will be beans on toast.  Heinz Beans with the little sausages is a favourite.


That's good to hear.  

Some of us had our fingers crossed for you. :-)

Question Author

Sandy, the salad dressing that I used is about three years out of date. with  Meat and Fish I tend to be extra cautious.

love your profile picture💜🐈

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