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Boiled Eggs And Toast.

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sandyRoe | 17:06 Wed 22nd May 2024 | Food & Drink
26 Answers

I've been thinking I should cut back on the bread.  Boiled eggs without toast would be like fish and chips without vinegar.

What other way to cook eggs so they can be eaten without bread?



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and a builders mug of tea
20:16 Wed 22nd May 2024


Make an omelette with fillings of your choice, very tasty!

Yes, omelette. Cheese & onion or tomato? Mushrooms, ham?

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Sounds tasty, yes.

I'll start tomorrow.

I have sliced boiled eggs in salads, poached egg atop smoked haddock.

Fritatta is lovely. 

This is my version of boiled eggs on toast.

The above, obviously, but toast is spread with smooth peanut butter instead of ordinary butter. Boiled egg is sliced, placed on toast, then topped with tomato sauce. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Mini egg muffins...use any veg/meat you want a dinner meal


You could also make a 'hash' with any leftover roast meat. About a cup of roughly chopped beef, ham, chicken or even sausage sautéed gently with finely chopped onions and peppers. Season well and add in one or 2 beaten eggs. Keep stirring until eggs are done.

Scrambled with hash browns.

and a sausage

grilled tomatoes 


a few beans (not too many)

maybe a little black pudding 

and a builders mug of tea

How much bread do you eat?  I probably have less than a slice a day, spread over the week, whiuch means that I canif I wish have poached eggs on toast (wonderful) oron smashed avocado (I've died and gone to heaven).

'Related Questions' below are a bit of a surprise.

Wow, Hoppy, just clocked them!!!

I'm blushing here!

How strange though - 4 titled the same (and same joke) but 2 removed by 'the powers that be' (must be somewhat prudish). 😉

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Boiled Eggs And Toast.

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