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What's Your Favourite Food To Have On A Night Out ?

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JDALion200 | 23:46 Sat 06th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
15 Answers

For me it's probably a chicken wrap



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How do you define "a night out"?

If I was treating myself to a takeaway after visiting a pub, I might well opt for Chicken Chow Mein. 

However if I was visiting my favourite Indian restaurant to eat in, I'd probably go for the Spiced Salmon with Lemon Rice (plus spiced popadums, onion bhajis, etc, obviously!):

If I was going to the Cosy Club, my favourite option is probably the Pan-Fried Sea Bass:

It would depend where I was but often choose a pasta or chicken dish.

Chicken Korma, delicious

A steak or seafood never ever together though blurgh 😩 

Something I can't cook myself, or wouldn't cook because it is too much faff.  

Surf and turf doesn't rock your boat Red?

Me neither, both are delicious but should be served separately. 

My favourite foods but never together Ozzy just doesn't fit right with me

👍 love them both, but not together

I usually order some interesting ive not tried or would be a faf to cook. Sometimes I will order vegetarian if its top quality. I only order steak if its a specialty steak house and it will be rib eye medium rare.

I don't have a favourite, it depends on where I'm eating and what's on the menu but generally much like Auntypoll.

Vagus, I don't think I would like to eat Auntypoll

Maybe not,  it I think I'd enjoy her company over a nice meal and a few glasses of something 🍽️🍷🍷🍸

Thank you Vagus, l like going out for lunch more than dinner, paired with a bit of shopping. 😊

You're on Aunty 👍😉

My favourite would be Italian pasta and a bottle of red wine. 

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What's Your Favourite Food To Have On A Night Out ?

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