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Dinner Sorted

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mallyh | 12:16 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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i have a ham joint in slow cooker and just prepared a bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns , not tried before ,i usually use fruit loaf x



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cook it in air fryer ^^^^^^

What time would you like me?!


When I worked at the drop in centre, I often made bread and butter pudding with hot cross buns. I used either apricot or marmalade jam...sometimes raspberry. The clients loved it. It was a good way to use the dozens of packs of buns before and after Easter. 

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 Barmaid anytime lol x

Pasta thanks for that information ,just letting the egg custard soak into buns at the mo x

Now I need bread and butter pud......I don't care what it's made with, I just need one 😋

Actually I made a chocolate bread and butter pud once, bizarrely it tasted like coconut.

in Sainsbury's earlier I saw some st. Clements hot x buns with honey, I resisted but now I wish I'd bought some 😕

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Dinner Sorted

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